If you always vote the same, you will always GET the same! If you always vote for a party politician, you know how you will be treated. Do you want more of that?
Vote for Rob Sinclair and have a say in how your electorate is represented!

Help me to make Australia more of what it should be, and less of what it is.

What does this mean? 

It means our current party system in Australian politics bends to the will of the party, over those who vote members in….YOU. 

We want LESS of that. 

Rob Sinclair will be asking for you to contribute to the process, by voting on issues presented to parliament. In doing so, the major vote for the electorate will be represented in Parliament. Every Time! 

We want MORE of that!

Time Is Running Out!

The election is getting closer! WE are running out of time! Do you WANT Consultative Representation in the next Parliament?

Let's Partner Up!

Together we are stonger! Sign up here to be a part of this movement, and make your vote count more than just on election day!

Check out our Blog Page

Now we are working together, check out our blog page. There Is A HEAP Of Information There To Telll You How We Will "Make Austrlaia More Of What It Should Be, And Less Of What It Is!"

Tell me how I can best serve YOU as your Federal Member of Parliament